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Thursday, January 05, 2017

The 30s Me..

I was about to publish this post but i dunno what stopped me.. so here we go.. sik abis pun taep.. haahahahaha!


Amboi amboi.. dah lamak gilaaaaaaaaaa sik update blog tok. A lot had happened in my life selamak tok.. And I really mean  A LOT... In June 2013, I resigned at the construction company (genap a year kerja sia), as I accepted the offer made by the law firm AGAIN.. So I went back there.. Of course kita kepong higher salary nak? BUT, for some stupid reasons, things got ugly. Some shits happened and I resigned, AGAIN. this time I resigned in a quite ugly manner. But still with proper letter la.. It feels like hell to be jobless in age like this.. It really sucks! And surprisingly, job hunting is like hell for me. Went here and there for interview but sikda sigek pun melekat. Luckily kak balkis helped me madah at office tempat keja laki nya ada mok carik orang. So I applied and be interviewed... Luckily dapat! started on 1st April 2014. Coolness!!

Ok. ya pasal kerja.. how about my love life? yeeerrr... Hahahah! Well.. I've met someone dari WeChat around October 2013 gia la.. He added me, I accepted.. But as usual, malas nak layan.. Then one day I changed my profile picture in WeChat. I used my selfie photo with my bapak. Suddenly this guy told me that he knew me, he knew my dad.. He briefly described what he knew about my dad. Since then we became closer. He asked me out a few times but I let him down.. I'm so not ready ok.. Bukan jual mahal cuma sik ready. Then finally in mid December we went out. Had dinner together. He's ok though. Most important is that he's funny cos I love to laugh."

sengan ya jak ku update since that 2014.. then banyak perkara jadi.. jumpa di post seterusnya kehhh

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